Sunday, 29 November 2015


I've never been to Japan, but it is a dream of mine to go, and possibly even live there for a while. The places seem so interesting, full of culture and life. In Yomawari, which translates to “Night Watch”, by Nippon Ichi Software, however, it all changes at night.

Yomawari tells the haunting tale of a little girl that loses her dog. Her older sister disappears into the night to try and find it, but neither return. Alone, and more than a little worried about her missing family, the little girl wanders into the darkness to find them. This is where we'll get to explore a beautiful, popular town turned surreal and eerie in the night.

Armed with only a flashlight, you'll search the streets of Japan for clues of your sister and pet. You won't be alone on those streets, either. Black figures and strange creatures wait in the darkness, and if you decide to shine your light in their direction, they may just show you what they really are. Unfortunately, gathering the courage to search the darkness is the only way you'll be able to find the whereabouts of your family.

If you like the sound of Yomawari, which I really do, more information may be found on the American Nippon IchiSoftware website, Facebook or Twitter. The game is currently released in Japan on the PlayStation Vita, but is likely to be released in the West in the near future. Are you ready to find your family? It's dark out there.

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