Friday, 6 November 2015


A new horror game has been announced, all the way from Poland, along with a playable demo and a Kickstarter campaign (which seems to have since been cancelled only three hours ago due to a new partnership with a publisher). It is all kicking off for UndeadScout's Husk, a first-person adventure with survival horror elements that aim to explore the most basic human fears. 

In Husk, players will control a man who has lost everything. He wakes up in a hospital with no idea of how he got there, and explores dark corridors for signs of other people. UndeadScout are aiming for a horror experience that is almost “old-fashioned,” with players needing to search for supplies, solve puzzles, and fight off opponents. The narrative will be a key focus of the game, and how Husk ends will also depend on the decisions made throughout.

Music is always a significant part of Husk, as the studio feel that “music should be a standalone work of art and, almost by itself, tell a story.” Ensuring that the soundtrack can accomplish this is Filip Nowicki, a composer that has previously worked on African Dawn, Dimiria: Agrarian Falls, and also taken part in master classes taught by the composers behind Bioshock and Forbidden Warrior. To experience this soundtrack so far, try out the gameplay teaser available from the Kickstarter campaign, where the studio were aiming to raise at least £15,000 GBP (approx. $23,000 USD), with stretch goals that included VR support and console releases.

More information on Husk can be found at the website and Kickstarter campaign, which has been cancelled since I first wrote this article on IGM, in favour of a more traditional deal with a publisher. You can still keep up with everything going on with Husk by keeping an eye on the studio's Facebook or Twitter.

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