Saturday, 28 November 2015

Baby Blues

Another day, another horror from KGames. I know, what were the chances that I'd find them both at the same time? Apparently 100%, but that's just me. Today's horror is Baby Blues, described by some gamers a "Baby Slender." 

In Baby Blues, you play as Tommy, a toddler that wakes up one night to find that all of his teddies have gone missing. Determined, he leaves the safety of his bed and goes in search of them. His mission is to search his home to find all of his stuffed friends before making his way back to bed. Of course, it won't be easy.

Using a map that Tommy has drawn, the player must make their way round the house, collecting the teddies and trying not to get caught by some form of terrifying creature as it stalks you around the house. This is the Slenderman of Baby Blues, and you'd be wise to avoid it at all costs.

While you're at it, the studio has a dare for you... 

• Step 1: Wait for night to arrive. 
• Step 2: Go in your room and turn off all your lights.
• Step 3: Close your door.
• Step 4: Wear headphones and turn up the volume.
• Step 5: Play in complete darkness.
• Step 6: Record yourself getting all the teddies.

Can you handle it? If you think so, you can play Baby Blues for free on IndieDB, and any further information you could need to know about this toddler terror can be found on the game’s website and IndieDB. Don’t forget that KGames is also looking for generous donations on its Patreon page. Considering its horror games are completely free, it makes sense to keep them coming with a couple donations!

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