Saturday, 21 November 2015

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a phrase that refers to something computer-generated or robotic that is similar to, but not exactly like, human appearance and movement, which then creates a sense of unease or revulsion in the person seeing it. Creepy. It is also the title for Uncanny Valley, a survival horror game developed by Cowardly Creations, combining exploration, puzzle-solving and stealth with a strong narrative focus.

The player will take control of Tom as he starts his new job as a night-shift security guard at a high-tech facility. It is during this night shift - set over approximately 7 real-world minutes - that players will be able to explore the facility at their leisure. They can choose to complete the objectives that they have been tasked with on the job, or ignore them completely, choosing instead to explore and interact with the environment. However, thanks to the Consequence System, every action will cause a reaction further down the line.

Decisions made and paths taken will shape the narrative, and one player may see an entirely different ending to another player. This also applies to immediate gameplay, and if the player is unable to escape or hide from hostile creatures around the facility, they may be hurt in a way that affects Tom's movement or actions. "For example - you fail at avoiding your attackers, meaning your character will move slower throughout the game, making it harder to escape future pursuers. The player then needs to be more careful and clever, which adds more tension to the game."

From what I've seen of Uncanny Valley, it looks like a really interesting game. Not only am I digging into pixel-art style, but the amount of interaction and choice with the facility seems impressively open for player choice. And, even better, it's currently on IndieGameStand, where people can pay what they want in order to get the game. SCORE. Hurry, though, as it's only available at pay what you want prices for the rest of the day.

If I pick it up, I'll probably end up writing about it, but find out everything you need to know on IGS, the studio’s website, Facebook or Twitter

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