Monday, 16 November 2015

Slender: The Arrival

The Slender man games kind of took the horror community by storm. They may not have the highest production values, or the deepest narrative, but what they do have is stellar sound design and a terrifying antagonist that crawled from the darkest corners of creepypasta. I've played the original Eight Pages, and had a few recommendations to try Slender: The Arrival, the game where Blue Isle Studios brought the nightmarish myth to PC and consoles.

I’m not very far into the game yet, mainly because it’s so tense that I can’t play it for too long before needing a break. From what I’ve played, though, you control someone that is attempting to visit a friend. This friend is trying to sell their house for a fresh start, because things have been getting a little too strange for their liking lately. You’ve been sharing the same visions. Visions of a tall, thin man with no face. Of course, when you arrive, in complete darkness, their house is empty.

The only thing to greet you as you walk into the house is a scribbled picture on the wall. A picture of a man, standing in some trees. It is extremely unnerving, and you explore the house knowing that Slenderman may do what he does best and show up at any moment. Did I mention that it is also really dark? Without a torch, you really can’t see anything, and with it, every time you aim the beam of light, you’re scared that this will be the time in falls on a smooth, well-dressed face.

Essentially, that’s all you could ever need to know about a Slenderman game. It extremely simple, with no real need for narrative, but it is terrifying knowing the simple fact that Slenderman could show up anywhere. He’s an evil, teleporting bastard. Apparently he also comes with a little hooded companion in The Arrival, though I’m yet to meet them. Part of me hopes that they both decide to leave me alone soon, because Slenderman makes me shake in my damn boots.

Think you can do better? You probably can… Check out Slender: The Arrival on the website, or by following on Facebook or Twitter. While you do that, I’ll be doing my best to avoid the Slenderman, who fits into horror as well as he fits into designer suits.

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