What is Noble Gaming?

Well, honestly, it's me! See, there I am... 

My name is Ryan, and for as long as I can remember I've loved the feeling of being absolutely terrified. Not just a little, like when you think you've left your phone in a pair of jeans that you can see swirling around in the washing machine, I mean a lot

The kind of scared when you're the only one home and you hear someone singing downstairs. The kind of scared where you catch a glimpse of a coat on the back of a door and your brain screams "it's a person!" The kind of scared where you're reading some nerd's 'About' page and someone steps out from the shadows behind you, a knife in their other hand, a mask on their face, and you hear them breathe. You know it's too late. That overwhelming fear when you realised that the last thing you'd ever see is the face of some smug suit-wearing idiot...?

Yeah, that's the kind of scared I was talking about.

So, I thought I'd combine my passion for horror with some other passions of mine; video games and writing. That's how Noble Gaming was born. I write as often as I can about the mainstream and indie horror games that lurch to my attention (and into my nightmares), and you can pop by to enjoy them whenever you like. 

For daily ramblings and conversations on the entirety of horror culture, follow me on Twitter!

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