Monday, 30 November 2015

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Back in 2001 a Korean horror game under the name of White Day: The Labyrinth Named School was released by ROI Games. It features a school boy trying to surprise his crush on White Day (a Korean holiday similar to Valentine's Day, where people give their "Valentine" chocolates). He sneaks into the school at night to leave chocolates on her desk, but becomes entangled in the darker side of the school, now resembling a labyrinth of horrors.

According to everyone that has played the game, White Day is terrifying. Of course, this means that it should be made even scarier with a release for virtual reality on PlayStation. Naturally.

White Day was originally only slated to release in the East, but was then planned for a Western release in 2004 due to its popularity. Unfortunately, it never happened, and the hype died down. Then, thanks to a number of rough and/or near-perfect translations to English, the game blew up a few years later with horror gamers and YouTubers in the West. 

Fast forward to 2015, and as a result of the popularity with horror gamers, passionate folk that we are, White Day isn't just getting a Western release; it is also getting an improved version that will include new ghosts, improved graphics, sound effects and dialogue, and VR support. This VR version can actually be seen in the trailer above, and it actually looks pretty great. By which I mean, horrifying, obviously.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is going to be released on PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and be updated on PC. The game will be released in Korea on November 19th, and come to international horror gamers in the near future, including VR support. At present, only the mobile versions will be dubbed with English, but if enough players want it, an English-dubbed version may also make its way to the other platforms. Personally, I feel that English subtitles with Korean language will keep the Asian horror at its finest, so I’d probably keep the subtitles regardless.

More information on White Day can be its IndieDB page, where the original game can be downloaded for free, if you’d like to test your limits before the game comes to the West. Are you excited? I am. Just need to find a way to afford a virtual reality kit now... Who needs a soul anyway?

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