Monday, 23 November 2015


Gamers may not have been alone in the dark for a while, but Frederick Raynal, the creator of Alone in the Dark, has been busy. Having set up his new studio, Gloomywood, Raynal and his team have been developing a stealth horror title called 2Dark, aiming for an early 2016 release on PC.

In 2Dark gamers will sneak through a “twisted and quirky 1970’s universe”, attempting to save kidnapped children from the serial killers that stole them away. Based on the trailer above, 2Dark shares a few similarities with Hotline Miami games. The game features a top-down view of a pixel-art environment, and there are a few disturbing masks in the mix, too. It also appears that sound will be an important focus for 2Dark, as each movement sends out a ring around the player. Presumably, the faster they move, the louder they are, and the more likely it is that the murderers will come a-running.

Other than what can be predicted from the trailer, a lot of 2Dark is still, well, in the dark. Anyone that is excited by the premise of what they see can pre-purchase the game for €20 EUR (approximately $21.5 USD) and will be entered into beta. Be warned, though, as the website is mainly in French, and Google Translate can only do so much.

When more information is available, gamers are sure to find it at the game’s website, or by “liking” the studio on Facebook and following the studio on Twitter.

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