Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Letter

Right in the middle of Anslem village stands a 17th century mansion. It is rumored to be cursed, and is connected to many disappearances. Of course, when it comes to real estate, the place is a steal, and is quickly listed for sale. During a final check of the mansion, the estate agent discovers a letter that says "HELP ME" over and over. At the bottom, it says “Send this to 5 people or else...” So begins visual horror novel, The Letter, the debut PC game from Yangyang Mobile, recently launched on Kickstarter with a playable demo. 

The Letter will be told from the points of view of six playable characters, and the studio wants to make sure that each character is unique, even down to "the way they talk and the way they approach things." These characters, and therefore the player, can expect to face a number of different "psychological thriller and jump scares," leading them to doubt their own sanity and the horrors they see around them.

There are six chapters to the game, with 12 short-term endings and 5 long-term endings, and the ending the player sees will depend on which characters survive. Trying to cut these lives short are quick-time events, which will be life-or-death, leading players down one of the different paths. 

The studio has said that The Letter is inspired by Japanese horror films such as Ju-On (The Grudge) and Ringu (The Ring). Aiding the game in reaching this level of fear is the game's original score, planning to "send chills down [players'] spines." Give the main theme a listen here

For gamers ready to read The Letter and begin their visual horror novel, more information can be found on the website, or by heading to Kickstarter, where the game needs help reaching its goal of $30,000 USD. Feeling social? Head to Facebook or Twitter.

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