Sunday, 15 November 2015

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Almost every horror fan I know has gone through a zombie phase. For myself, I’ve always been a massive fan of the flesh-eating undead, but got a little tired when it seemed like every single game, book, comic, tv show or film seemed to focus on them. Then, when Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead shambled onto the scene, with its gripping comic book series adapted for living room screens, I was hooked all over again. 

This is why I’m eagerly awaiting OVERKILL and Starbreeze’s The Walking Dead game, which seems much more promising than any of the former titles. One such game was Survival Instinct, which felt like it was trying to piggyback on the success of the show, rather than creating something worth celebrating in its own right. This could all change in 2016.

The first thing worth noting is that the studios working on The Walking Dead are actually the very same studios that developed the Payday games. Weird choice, right? Maybe not. Not only are the Payday games incredibly popular, but their main focus is on co-op gameplay, which TWD games have been missing. Hell, the series is all about teams of people working together, trying to survive in a world that just seems to want to eat them (or shoot them through the face, for those less-friendly survivors). It will be interesting to see how people will have to work together to stay alive, and how the studios will bring the series into an online multiplayer setting. It doesn’t sound like they are taking this responsibility lightly, either.

Bloody Disgusting reported that “this Walking Dead won’t be the same kind of generic experience we usually get from licensed games. Overkill and Starbreeze are looking to create a unique and engrossing storyline within the Walking Dead universe that follows brand new characters.” What? Two quotes from them in two days is too much? Tell them to stop being so damn interesting.

Sure, it would be great to get some more information on this game, or even some screenshots or gameplay videos, but what we know is already pretty exciting. In-between watching The Walking Dead and the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, I’ll be watching out for some multiplayer zombie-killing news. I try not to get my hopes up when it comes to franchise games. I’ll admit that it’s a little too late on this one. Be excited with me and check out the website, Facebook or Twitter.

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