Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vapour: Part 1

It is the week of Halloween, which means that I need to keep gamers up-to-date with the latest in horror gaming - obviously, I've been doing that for 57 days now! But I've picked up the pace when it comes to featuring horror on IGM. Let's start with Vapour: Part 1, a game which was first covered in June, and is not for the faint-hearted, with an age-restriction of 18+.

According to Skobbejak Games, its PC horror, which combines old-school FPS action with modern elements of horror, puzzle-solving and platforming, is the game that will have gamers checking into a psychiatric ward this Halloween.

In Vapour, a warlock named Charles has been taken captive by a cult, and they take pleasure in finding all sorts of new ways in which to torture him. That is, until they decide to execute him for good. It is then that Charles casts one last spell to save himself from damnation, and puts the player in his place between purgatory and hell. 

From here, players must use Charles' weakened powers to fend off hordes of demons, discover the tortured Warlock's hidden past, and find their way back to Earth, where the plan is to take revenge on those responsible. In order to do this, players must survive spell-based combat, solve puzzles, explore non-linear levels, and make their way through a "gory plot [that promises] to scare [gamers] witless."

Vapour: Part 1 is available now on Steam and itch.io, and anyone wanting to talk horror and gaming can do so with Skobbejak Games on Facebook and Twitter. More information can also be found on the studio’s website and IndieDB page.

Getting déjà vu right now? That may be because you read this on IGM, where my article was first featured! Check IGM out for all the latest on indie games.

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