Thursday, 1 October 2015


Amidst the AAA games and indie titles with huge crowdfunding resources, Imaginary Game Studios are bringing horror back to the basics in Perturbia.

You play as a character who makes a stupid decision to go into a building with an advertisement on the door, where this decision is almost instantly regretted. One death-defying lift ride later, and you’re plunged into darkness with nothing but pee-soaked shoes – I assume - a ton of puzzles to solve.

Solving these puzzles is the only way to progress through the game, which the studio promise to be “old-school hard”, and finally escape from the madness of the building. I don’t know much else about what else to expect in Perturbia, but I do know that you won’t be alone…

For any sceptical gamers out there, make sure you don’t judge Perturbia based on its visuals alone. Some of the scariest and most impressive horror games I have played, such as Slenderman or Home, had pretty simple graphics, and they still managed to have me yelping in fear and scared to keep going, and this game may just do the same. There’s also a comic series that ties into the game called ‘Wake Up’, which I may just have to read. I do love a good comic.

Perturbia will also be compatible with the Oculus Rift, which makes any game almost 100,000x scarier – that’s right, I did the maths. The studio say that their game will be really hard to beat, so if you care to put their game to the test, try out the demo

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