Saturday, 10 October 2015


Everybody relapses on something now and then, whether that be straying from a diet for some junk food, or getting drunk on that weekend you were planning to ‘take it easy’. Some relapses are worse than others. “In 1987, Terry Quirk was released from Arcadia asylum onto Care in the Community. In 2016, he stopped taking his medication…” See how much worse that sounds? This is the concept behind the puzzle-solving horror in development by Blueprint Games; Relapse.

Gamers will become an urban blogger, visiting Arcadia to take some photographs before the old asylum is demolished. Of course, this information was discovered when the blogger receives an anonymous email. Why wouldn’t you follow that trail of bread crumbs? As expected, this little photo shoot does not go smoothly. On your way out, you are attacked by “an unseen assailant who wants to play cat and mouse in a game that could cost you your life.” I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that this is Quirk, off his meds and looking to get stabby.

The studio hasn’t shared too much about their game yet, but I do know that puzzles will play a big part in this horror adventure. In fact, these puzzles have to be solved in order to survive, and will be “heightening the tension to near unbearable limits…” And, luckily, we’ll all get to see this for ourselves when the demo and a gameplay video is released in November of this year.

To keep up with all things Relapse, check out the game’s website, or start a conversation with the developers on Facebook or Twitter. That’s what I do, and I seem to have a pretty good time.

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