Sunday, 11 October 2015

Six: Chapter One

The Oculus Rift is an impressive piece of tech, and it's pretty much guaranteed to change gaming as we know it. I've only had the pleasure of experiencing it twice, but both times it was completely immersive and reality became a distant blur. A genre where this is bound to make a profound difference is horror, which is why LVL1 Games is creating a VR horror game called Six: Chapter One.

You will play as a paranormal investigator, tasked with exploring an old school in the hopes of discovering the reason for its spiritual hauntings. The game is already looks like it's ticking off all the right things for a truly tense experience. Abandoned school? Check. Total darkness? Check. A reason to go into the basement? Check. 

Six: Chapter One also looks quite visually pleasing, which is impressive considering VR game development is still quite early on. I can only imagine that it will make the line between VR horror and the real world seem all the more hazy. Can you handle that? I'm one more good scare from being sectioned, so I'm not so sure. It doesn't stop me from being excited, though.

LVL1 Games hasn't yet announced a release date, but a demo will be available before long for those lucky enough to have an Oculus Rift. Are you one of those people? Let's be friends. You can also be friends with the studio on Facebook or Twitter, and find more information on the game's website.

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