Monday, 12 October 2015


If you thought PacMan was always going to be an all-out feel-good, nostalgic experience, you'd be wrong. Sole developer Berick Cook has created a somewhat tense horror version of the classic, called Pacm̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ, and it's completely free on Gamejolt

This mysterious version of Pacm̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ, which the developer promises was found in a locked safe in the back of an old arcade, was hidden away because of its ability to drive gamers to severe psychological trauma and/or even death. Think The Ring, but with PacMan, and you get the idea. 

There are a few differences between PacMan and, well, horror Pacm̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ. Firstly, unlike the previous game, players cannot see the entire maze of points, cherries and ghosts. Only the things PacMan can see, depending on his position in the maze, can be seen. This creates a lot of unseen places for the ghosts to be hiding, and you may not see them until you turn a corner, and BAM, retro-scare. Secondly, the ghosts are unique. They don't always just wander aimlessly around the maze. Sometimes they'll stick to an area you can't see into without getting closer, and then show up in the very last place you look, like they're waiting...

Cook also told me that his horror Pacm̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ will be updated soon, and give the endless arcade nightmare an actual ending. PacMan will be glad to hear it. The game is completely free to play on Gamejolt, so if you're in the mood for a sense of nostalgia with in with a little dread, head here. Why not get in touch with the developer, too? He's on Twitter. 

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