Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nightmare Attack

Nothing is scarier to a child than the monsters that will come for them once the lights have been turned off. Luckily, Egyptian studio Appsinnovate has prepared for this, and has released Nightmare Attack just in time for Halloween. In this iOS and Android game, a child will be protecting himself and his dreams from such opportunistic monsters using his toys.

Nightmare Attack is a tower-defense game, whereby gamers will have to use a variety of towers to fight off monsters as they try to make their way through Dreamland. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, such as goblins, wolves, wasps and dragons, but so do the toys, or “towers,” use to fight them off. Similarly to most tower-defense games, the creatures follow a pre-determined path, and the gamer builds their defences around this edges. Towers include: a paintball tower, the basic turret for damage; a bubble-gum tower, which slows monsters down; a firework tower, causing damage to a larger area; and a rainbow tower, which confuses monsters into attack each other.

Bubbles earned by destroying monsters are used to purchase these towers, in whatever strategic combination a player wishes, and each tower can be upgraded to keep up the increasing difficulty. There are also a couple of spells, with a Demolition spell reigning destruction onto the creatures, and a Fairy spell raising the power and range of towers. The protection of this child’s dreams will take place across either a farm or a forest environment, and additional locations may be added at a later date.

Nightmare Attack is available on iOS and Android devices completely free, and more information can be found on the studio’s website, Facebook or Twitter.

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