Friday, 16 October 2015


Sole developer Jesse Makkonen is a busy man. While also developing The Human Gallery, he decided to create DISTRAINT, a 2D psychological horror for PC. He also decided that he wanted the game to be released in time for Halloween, and it seems that this will be achieved, as DISTRAINT is releasing on Steam on October 21st.

Gamers will become Price, an ambitious debt collector who wants to climb the corporate ladder and make as much money as he possibly can. As a way of impressing the heads of a big corporation, Price seizes the property of an old woman. Then everything gets a little creepier, and a little more surreal. Karma is a bitch. Players will make their way through environments that are becoming stranger by the second, and have Price questioning the choices he has made.

Gameplay, like the game’s interface, is pretty simple. Players will travel left and right in this 2D world, solving puzzles by lantern light and experiencing a horror novel experience that will last roughly two hours. Impressively, Makkonen developed DISTRAINT in roughly three months, and handled everything from graphics and animation to coding and music, which he promises will be atmospheric throughout.

For more information on DISTRAINT, head to the game’s official website, chat with the Makkonen on Twitter, or even go directly to Steam in preparation for release day on October 21st.

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