Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Human Gallery

Horror lovers, I have an interesting title that comes all the way from Jesse Makkonen in Finland. Makkonen is the sole developer of The Human Gallery, a 2D psychological horror game for PC, which crawled its way into IGM’s inbox earlier this year,

The Human Gallery, which from the trailer alone looks to be quite a surreal, unnerving experience, has gamers play as a painter in search of inspiration for their next piece of art. [A similar concept to Layers of Fear, if you haven't read that article yet!] However, inspiration doesn’t come easy, and so the choice is made to venture into the psyche of a psychopath. Once there, it isn’t long before the protagonist realises that getting out again won’t be anywhere as easy. It seems that the only way out is to head even deeper into the depravities of the psychopath’s mind, in the hope that the painter will find their way back to reality.

According to Makkonen, “The Human Gallery is not a game about fancy mechanics, it is a game about the atmosphere“, with simple side-scrolling gameplay that allows the gamer to truly focus on the disturbing atmosphere. The gamer can interact the objects and their surroundings, and also collect sound recordings that will give further insight into the ‘history’ of the game – presumably the history of the psychopath in question.

While there isn’t much yet known about The Human Gallery, or when it will be released beyond its 2016 placeholder, it is one that I will personally be keeping a watchful eye on. The website currently states that the progress of the game’s development is at 27%, and if you’d like to see what that percentage has revealed so far, you can head over to the website, or check the game’s Facebook, Twitter or blog page. How far would you go for inspiration?

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