Saturday, 24 October 2015

Goodnight Butcher

It is the night shift at Happy Knife Butchery, and one worker is tasked with preparing the meat for the next day's customers. Unfortunately, in Perfect Square Studios' 2D arcade horror, Goodnight Butcher, they won't be alone.

Players, while sawing, chopping, grinding and mincing meat for the next day, will be faced with apparitions of the haunting variety. Whether they are haunting the butcher's meat shop, or the protagonist's mind itself, it is too early to tell. However, in Goodnight Butcher's Story Mode, players will be able to uncover the truth behind the Happy Knife Butchery across 13 different rooms, each with their own monsters and hazards to avoid.

If players are up for a challenge and feel like competing for the highest scores with their friends, they can then move onto Nightmare Mode, where the game's hand-drawn style and "spine-chilling" atmosphere will truly put them to the test. The studio describe its game as a "modern take on classic 2D horror titles like Witch's House, Ib, and Mad Father," which should give gamers an idea of the kind of experience they are entering into.

Sound like a meaty horror worth getting into? Find out everything a butcher would need to know to survive the night by visiting the game's Steam page, the studio's website, Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, if anyone has their business hat on.

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