Monday, 26 October 2015

The Library

Libraries tend to be places of reading, learning, and the occasional “shush”, should anyone accidentally turn their page too quickly. Not so in first-person horror adventure The Library, where gamers will be trying to get their hands on the hidden wealth within its four walls. One thing worth mentioning; the library is haunted. Thanks a bunch, 4dMinds Studio.

Players step into the (hopefully squeak-free) boots of a thief, looking to snatch the ancient treasures inside. The spirit of the last librarian has other ideas. What was once a simple heist becomes a mission to navigate the library to find the secrets and clues hiding inside the mystery behind the library's haunting. All the while, the spirit will be trying to hunt you down like an overdue book.

Based on the trailer above, gameplay seems to be mainly exploration focused, along a similar vein to the Amnesia series. Explore the library, discover the truth, solve a few puzzles, and try to stay alive. If the game is indeed similar to Amnesia, this won’t be easy.

The Library is available for free on, and can be played on Windows PCs. Feel like a late night visit to the library? The team at 4dMinds have you covered.

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