Friday, 2 October 2015

Undead Syndrome

Undead Syndrome sure sounds like a game I’d play, and it definitely sounds like a horror, but beyond that, everything I know, or think I know, is merely speculation on my part. The site is in Japanese, and my Japanese goes as far as ‘yes’ and the occasional phrase picked up while watching anime. Understand? Good, because I’m about to completely guess what Mukagosoft unusual horror game is all about.

Apparently it was released on Xbox Live back on 2012, but I wasn’t even aware of it until I bumped into the studio on Twitter last week. From what I’ve seen in the trailer above, it appears that you play as a young Asian girl. I’m a huge fan of Asian horror, which is the reason I was initially drawn to write about Undead Syndrome, even if it does seem to be a title that never performed particularly well when first released.

Undead Syndrome appears to be some form of horror RPG, which there definitely aren’t enough of, and the girl you control has some kind of powers. She uses these powers to take on a number of strange creatures that wish to do her harm, both in stereotypical Japanese home settings, and in a strange environment which I know little about. When these creatures die, you gain XP, which may be put towards stats to improve your character, or may just be used to unlock whacky costumes – with a Japanese game, you can never really be sure which it’ll be.

And… that exhausts my tentative ‘knowledge’ of Undead Syndrome. It looks like a title that may be kind of awkward to play, but that also brings back nostalgia for other Asian horror games, such as DreadOut or the Fatal Frame series. If you’re wondering what Mukagosoft may get up to next, give them a follow on Twitter. That’s what I did, anyway, and look how much information I found (made up).

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