Friday, 23 October 2015

The Nullpoint

Apologise to your bank account now, because a new horror game has launched a Kickstarter campaign. It's called The Nullpoint, in development by Schell Games, and it looks like it just may be worth your time and money.

In The Nullpoint, it's 2109, and humankind has discovered an alien structure floating at the edge of the solar system, seemingly abandoned. I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that the first recon missions did not go well. Now, you control a group of survivors that has become stranded on said alien structure, and it's up to you to guide them to safety.

There will be up to five survivors at a time, and gameplay is similar to a real-time strategy, with parts survival horror. Supplies are limited, and searching for resources can be dangerous. Who knows what is hiding in dark? Sometimes you'll be able to fight hostiles off, but other times the only option will be to run or hide. As long as you're able to keep one survivor alive, you can continue exploring, and possibly even find other survivors to replenish your group number. Lose everyone, however, and the dungeons will reset, similar to any rogue-like game you may have played. 

Survivors will also be able to board their spaceship and use it to travel between docks on this alien station, in the hope of finding more resources. These very same resources can also be used to repair and upgrade your ship, so it's worth taking the risk. I assume there’s some logical reason as to why this spaceship can’t be used to get back to Earth, as this is clearly the only sane option.

Interested? There's a prototype of The Nullpoint on the Kickstarter campaign and the website, along with more information on what you can expect, and when the game will release on PC and Mac. Schell Games is trying to reach a goal of $135,000 USD by November 13th, so make sure you check it out and make any pledges before then, and then let them know how awesome you are via Twitter. The survivors are counting on you.

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