Friday, 18 September 2015

Night Terrors

There's one place that should always feel safe; home. Novum Analytics disagree. In Night Terrors, you will be able to turn absolutely any location into a horror experience that seems guaranteed to have you dropping and breaking every phone you ever have. 

Using advanced augmented reality technology, Night Terrors, which raised almost $47,000 USD on indiegogo (although aiming for $70,000 USD), maps the environment around those playing. This is handled by “point-source modeling, environment filtering and intensity scanning”, which I am, of course, an expert in. Don’t ask me anything about it though, I’m very busy. The mapped environment then creates a completely unique horror experience for the person that is playing, and frankly blows my mind a little bit.

Night Terror’s ‘narrative’ is this.

1) Save the girl.
2) Survive.

How exactly you do this is another story entirely, but the studio state that this won’t involve “sitting on your couch,” and the phrase, “your signal grows stronger”, has been used.

I can't help but feel Night Terrors could be the game that finally stops me using my phone at night. I may even get like 8 hours sleep - crazy! Well, unless you count the nightmares given to me by this unique AR title, briefly fitting into the palm of my hand before being dropped in fear. I'll send you the bill, Novum. If you feel like keeping up with this indie horror, check out the game’s Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Looks like it could be terrifying ...especially after a few beers

    1. I struggled to hold my phone at the best of times, let alone after a few beers... couldn't agree more though!