Saturday, 5 September 2015


Do you know a creature that is as cool and interesting as it is scary? I do. Sharks. They're just another of Earth's fishes (although mighty big ones), swimming through harsh oceans in their own silent, graceful way, but there's something more in the complete blackness of their eyes. That dark, blank stare seems to explain that all they really want to do is sink their rows and rows of teeth into you. Welcome to the waters of Depth, a tense, bloody online PC multiplayer from the twisted minds of Digital Confectioners.

The premise is pretty simple. Four divers, and at least one, maybe two, blood-thirsty sharks. Hands up if you'd like to be on the shark's team. Thought so.

Depth currently has three modes; Blood and Gold, Megalodon Hunt, and Hide and Seek. Each provides a completely different style of gameplay, from collecting gold and guiding a safe-cracking robot to attempting to kill and consequently become a giant, awe-inspiring and instinct shark known as a Megalodon. Hide and seek pretty much explains itself; imagine the game you probably played as a child, but with more teeth - at least, I hope. Each is fun in its own right, although it's always much easier to find a Blood and Gold match to join - most likely because this was the first mode available, and has become the go-to mode for shark-infested waters. 

In addition, when most people think of sharks, they instantly think of the Great White. You can thank Jaws for that. Digital Confectioners went one step further, as there's a number of sharks to play as, all of which have their own unique stats and skills. These include the Great White, the Tiger shark, the Hammerhead, the Thresher, and my personal favourite, the Mako. For this, you can thank Deep Blue Sea. Sorry, Spielberg. 

Using a mix of surprise attacks, lunging, thrashing and retreating, a well-controlled shark can be deadly. Strategies should change depending on the shark used, but it's hard to go too far wrong when you're playing as the perfect predator.

Divers aren't defenceless, though. They have a number of weapons and devices to choose from. These range from starter pistols and spear guns, to far more powerful automatic guns and harpoons. Weapons and devices are bought mid-game with cash gained from completing objectives, and can also be upgraded if you have a bit of spare change left. Personally, I enjoy the toxic ammo, which continues damaging the shark for a while after it is shot. A dagger also regularly comes in handy, for a panicked stab at a shark when it has you in its jaws, which it will… often.

As an added bonus I recently bought an Alienware Alpha, meaning that I've been playing Depth again, able to enjoy the full visual glory of this underwater massacre. If you like sharks, feeling helpless, or action-packed multiplayer, I can't recommend Depth enough. And make sure you check out the website, or keep up with all of the game's updates on Facebook or Twitter

I know, I’m sorry, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

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