Thursday, 17 September 2015

Five Nights at Freddy's World

Quick! Crazy horror (kinda) announcement...

It only feels like Tuesday that I last wrote about Five Nights at Freddy's... Oh wait, it was. But there's been big news! Read on, horror gamer, things are about to get a little different.


Anyone that has played any game in Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's series knows how it feels to be shocked. Repeatedly. However, Cawthon recently announced something that will shock gamers in a new, non-threatening way. Five Nights at Freddy's is getting an RPG; Five Nights at Freddy’s World. It will feature all variations of Freddy and his animatronic friends, and won't, I repeat won't, be a horror game. 

(Although I had to let you know here, anyway. It's a horror series gone RPG!)

Though Cawthon had hoped to keep this game a secret - at least until Halloween – he decided that his teasers as to the next FNaF’s game were becoming too cryptic and confusing for fans of the series. He then released a full announcement via Steam yesterday, which details some of his thought processes behind going in a completely new direction with the franchise. Cawthon “wanted to use these characters in a new and fun way because they are so near and dear to [his] heart.”

Despite being set in the FNaF’s universe, this RPG title is not set to be a horror game, “but a role playing game where [gamers] create a party using the huge selection of characters from the FNaF’s games, including the classic, withered, toy, phantom and nightmare versions” of these characters.

Cawthon was aiming to release a new FNaF’s World demo at Halloween, but with the increased scope of this RPG concept, this isn't looking likely. Little else is known about this surprising departure for the series, such as how the RPG gameplay will work or a release date, though PC, Android and iOS versions are planned.

For more information on the Five Nights at Freddy's RPG that no-one saw coming, read the full announcement post. Don't go too far, though. I'll keep all FNaF fans updated as soon as more is known. 

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