Sunday, 27 September 2015

Halls of Darkness

HP Lovecraft has inspired a lot of horrors, from movies and books, to comics and video games, and now his work has become the inspiration for Unspeakable Studio’s first title, Halls of Darkness. Described as a story-driven adventure horror, the studio have combined an anime art style with board game-esque qualities, and created something new for gamers to experience for free on their Android devices.

The horror adventure begins when a friend goes missing and is in danger of being sacrificed by a cult, intent of offering him up to their god. With a choice of five playable character, each with their own personality, players will explore mansions, graveyards, caves and more as they attempt to retain their own sanity in the disturbing scenarios that they will face. These five characters become playable after using found items to access the areas of the game where they reside.

As a bonus, there are also 35 achievements to unlock throughout the game, and 20 alternate endings (four per character). Which ending a player gets will be decided on the secrets they find throughout, and the sanity of their characters, giving maximum replayability. The developers say that they chose the anime style as they felt it was best suited to the mobile platform, and for their “visual novel” concept, which aims for “psychological horror rather than gore.”

For gamers feeling in the mood for some free Lovecraftian style gameplay on their Android devices, Halls of Darkness can be downloaded on the Android store. Any more information on the game itself may be found on the game’s Facebook page. Make sure to keep an eye out for more Halls of Darkness, as the studio are hoping this will only be the first installment in a complete saga of horror adventures.
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