Monday, 28 September 2015

Allison Road

Did you ever play PT? If not you should have. It was a teaser for Silent Hills, not that anyone knew it at the time, and it was glorious. It was strange, mysterious, confusing and utterly terrifying. Depending on what players did, experiences were slightly different, and only very specific actions led to the teaser trailer for Silent Hills, which has obviously since been cancelled, to the real horror of many people, myself included.

Before we all draw the blinds, stop answering calls, and sink into a depression spiral of eating, sleeping and bingeing the likes of which Netflix has never seen, let’s take a look at Allison Road, Lilith Ltd’s indie horror title currently on Kickstarter, being described as the ‘spiritual successor’ to PT.

Set in Manchester, players will explore a beautifully detailed home on Allison Road, where the game gets its name. Similar to PT, Allison Road is a first-person horror where players begin to explore their surroundings without any explanation as to who they are or how they got there. As they look around the house, picking up and interacting with seemingly mundane items, menacing things are whispered to the player. And, based on the absolutely gripping and/or disturbing prototype gameplay a little further down, it doesn’t take long before something a little more physical joins you; a bloodied girl, named Lily.

Everything then begins to take a nasty turn, just like in PT. When things go wrong, they go really wrong. After escaping the outstretched clutches of the unexplained girl, the player hears a scream from the woman in the apartment above their own. Then the walls begin to bleed. It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Scarier.

In order to make Allison Road the complete horror success that I’m sure it deserves to be, the studio are asking for £250,000 on Kickstarter. That might seem like a lot of money, and it is, but they’ve already reached over £100,000 with around 20 days still left to go. Plus, it’s just so beautiful. Seriously. I even went to pledge a moment ago and then realised that my negative bank balance may have a problem with that… Soon, my pretty.

I’ll be watching Allison Road very closely, as it has now become one of the most exciting horror titles on my radar. All I need to decide now is whether I pledge £15 for a Steam key, or £25 for a console key… Decisions, decision.

Did you watch it yet? If so, I’m sorry. I know you’ll never be able to sleep again. Not yet? Oh, ignore that. You should definitely watch it. Send all underwear bills to the Allison Road Twitter account, or straight to Lilith Ltd for the more personal touch.

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