Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dead Realm

Even in real life, hide and seek can be tense. You choose somewhere to hide, often a dark and dusty cupboard, and pray that you won't be found. As you hear someone getting closer, the anticipation grows, and you try as hard as possible to stay completely still and hold your breath. If you're anything like me, you also start to need the toilet as soon as you settle into your hiding place. Now, imagine the seeker is also a ghost in the form of a demonic puppet, and you're starting to understand why I was drawn to 3BLACKDOT’s multiplayer horror, Dead Realm.

The main mode of the game, known as Seek and Reap, has players hiding from said ghost demon puppet around a mansion, previously owned by a wealthy man named William Huxley. He’s long since dead, but he slaughtered his entire family and team of staff, hence the ghosts. Players can hide anywhere; in vents, behind bookcases, wherever possible, really. If the ghost finds someone, they then become a seeker, too. Before you know it, there's only one human left, and a swarm of puppets seeking them out. Terrifying.

There’s also a mode called Bounty, in which one ghost attempts to hunt down a group of human players as they search for 10 pocket-watches left behind by Mr. Huxley. I know, 10 pocket-watches. You just know the guy was loaded. If they manage to find all 10, a portal opens, and they can run to freedom – unless the ghosts get to them first.

3BLACKDOT’s also recently released their first DLC for Dead Realm, which included a new ghost to play as; the Butcher. He looks as aggressive as how he sounds, as you’ll see below.

While I haven't yet purchased Dead Realm - mainly because it doesn't seem to have enough content to warrant its £10.99 price tag - I think it seems like good fun combined with tension and a classic game of hide-and-seek. It’s currently in Early Access, so more modes, maps and murderers are sure to enter the mansion soon, and maybe then I’ll join in with the way more gruesome version of the childhood game. It’ll probably make me need the toilet, too…

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