Saturday, 5 December 2015

Trouble in the Manor

Manors are always a little scary, especially at night – I’d imagine. It’s even worse in Trouble in the Manor, Charyb Games’ online multiplayer, which tasks player with the one of three roles: Innocent, Bloodhound, or Murderer.

As an innocent, you have to go in search of the Murderers (seems crazy, right?). You can find items around the manor to help yourself or other innocents to survive, and discover evidence of who the murderer is. Only once you have enough evidence will you be able to call out a hit on the murderer, or take justice into your own hands.

The role of the bloodhound is almost identical to the innocent, but with a slight advantage. Those playing as a bloodhound have DNA devices that allow them to thoroughly investigate an area, testing the DNA of bodies and comparing it against any DNA that might have been left by a murderer. Again, the more evidence you can find, the more likely you’ll be able to take out the murderer before they reveal themselves to you. No, not like that, you filthy animals.

As a murderer, your task is to kill pretty much everyone. Or at least as many people as you can in the duration of a round. You’ll be able to cut lives short with a number or items, such as weapons, traps, or even disguises, all bought with currency found around the manor.

If that’s too mainstream murder for you, there’s also the option of transforming into a vampire. Disturb the vampire in the basement and he’ll turn you into one of his bloodthirsty kind, able to recruit innocents into throat-biting minions. My point is, you’ve got options.

If Trouble in the Manor sounds like your kind of game, you can find everything you need to know on the game’s Steam page. At £3.99, it’s probably one of the cheaper ways to get your hands bloody.

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