Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Ritual on Weylyn Island

Weapon-free horror games, naturally, have an upper hand when it comes to evoking terror. If you can't fight back against whatever is shuffling, leaping or crawling towards you, all that's left to do is run or hide. Whether you like it or not, both will panic you if a game is done well. That's why I was grateful to zemaGamez for sending me a Steam key for The Ritual on Weylyn Island, a first-person survival horror with no weapons and one dark, hellish island. 

Despite being excited, life has been somewhat crazy lately, and I've not even had time to play the game yet. Sorry, guys! I do always add that I can't guarantee a review, but I really hate not being able to deliver one. Anyway, here's what you need to know about The Ritual, so that you can play it for yourself.

Not too long ago, on an island in the Pacific Ocean, 22 year old Moira Weylyn travelled to her grandfather's estate for the reading of his last will and testament. She'd expected to find her family there, but she finds herself alone. Well, if you don't count the neo-pagan cult as family. Now Moira must do everything she can to find her family, survive without any weapons, and gather information on the disturbing events that have been entangled with her bloodline.

In this story-driven experience, you'll be exploring the island, solving puzzles, protecting loved ones, surviving without the ability to defend yourself, and collecting tapes and clues left behind by Grandfather Weylyn, aiming to add to the dark backstory of the game. I may be biased by my love of horror, but it sounds like a pretty good combination to me.

For all you need to know about The Ritual on Weylyn Island, head to the studio's website and Twitter, or to the game’s Steam page. The game is currently on sale for £5.24, 25% off the regular price of £6.99 until December 11th. Plus you'll get whatever the Grandfather left Moira in his will. Bonus.

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