Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bleeding Border

You have to give Curse Box Studios a hand for what it is trying to do with Bleeding Border. No, really. In this first-person survival horror, the protagonist, Zoey, only has one hand. The other arm is a bloody stump, and believe it or not, it may just save her life.

Zoey was part of a scavenge incursion gone bad. Her team ran into creatures known as the PaleOnes, which proceeded to slaughter them all, and even tore Zoey's hand off. How did she survive? Her blood carries a rare genetic mutation that is poisonous to the PaleOnes. Better than nothing, I guess.

While players will be able to fight the PaleOnes by squirting fresh arm blood into their faces, this is at the risk of losing health, and Zoey will need to be healed shortly after to make sure that she doesn't bleed to death. As a result, trying to hide or run from creatures is the best option, fighting only when you absolutely have to.

Curse Box Studios has said that Bleeding Border is inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill (though I'm assuming this is more atmosphere than anything, because I don't remember Leon Kennedy losing an arm). If the game sounds like your idea of a great, gore-filled evening, you can find everything you'll need on Steam.

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